Effective Learning with Social Media

Colleges and universities often struggle with implementing modern marketing practices that are actionable and relevant. Using social media as a teaching tool can be a powerful learning vehicle engaging students both inside and outside of the classroom.

The top two social media sites educators use for both personal and professional use are YouTube and Facebook (Moran, Seaman, Tinti-Kane 2011, p.14).  Below are my 10 awesome ways teachers are using the web to make learning more effective.

  1. Skype to facilitate connections to people outside the classroom.
  2. Project based learning with digital production tools (video, audio, presentations, etc..). Quite congruent with constructive learning methodologies.
  3. Digital portfolios for students. http://electronicportfolios.com/
  4. Learning communities (Facebook groups, Ning, Blackboard)
  5. Professional communities for teacher education (i.e. communities of practice). For instance http://projectnml.ning.com/ http://www.classroom20.com/
  6. Saving content from education conferences and posting it to students.
  7. Blogging to share experiences. For instance, documenting experiments done in lab and posting them online.
  8. Classroom to classroom learning projects (which help bridge geographical and cultural divides)
  9. Khan academy type learning modules in video presentation form. Then the students can teach each other or watch the videos at home, allowing more time for customized in class learning.
  10. Self learning (there is a TED talk about this).

Reference: http://www.babson.edu/Academics/Documents/babson-survey-research-group/teaching-learning-and-sharing.pdf


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